How to be stress free in day to day life...!

Stress is basically a disconnection from earth-Natalie goldberg

Do you know , how to be free up your mind from stress ? People health gets sucked by stresses that pulling them down. Stress is nothing,its just that cumulative reactions to the causes and things that happened. People are depressed so much because of situations, environment, work pressure, managing their time and in the several way.

Natalie goldberg about stress

Now-a-days people were brittle because of their unaware senses to handle the stress.

Most of the time people were Radically or exponentially pulled themselves down because they always worry about their stress and doesn't find out the way to resolve the stress.

You may understand your stress is totally and completely related to your the mind to find out your stress creator and stress buster in day to day life.

There are lots and lots of things you can do for stress free life. Here, I have suggest you about some things you can do very easily to relax your mind...

1. Breathe:

This is the major thing that related to your whole body and its senses directly.if you look at someone breath,it will change according to the situations that happened to them.


How to breathe in a stressful situation?

Click above link you can find the stress free breathing ideas under mindfulness title.

2. Art:

You can paint whatever you want or look at a peaceful painting to calm you down or sing or listen to songs that make you feel relieved or look at the photos that ease your can even do some crafts or do some cooking of yours or your lovable person's favorite foods and make them feel so special or do gardening at home which each and everyday make you feel loved and stress free for what you are doing. Never worry about how bad you are at doing these things like dancing too.put an upbeat rocking rap music. And like no one is looking at you.

3. Music:

From YouTube to podcast you can see a vast collection of music jukebox and podcast that help you wipe out your can also use a mp3 listener rather than mobiles to drown in to the relieving music. You can use wind chimes and small foundation to keep your mind undisturbed.

Learn your favorite instruments to make you less worried about unwanted things that make you stressful. Watch some YouTube videos to need not go for paid class for anything.

4. Pets:

Are you a fish lover? Then make it yours pet. May be when you look at and speak out to your pet will feel free. And you can make them as your friends. You may even grow pets like dog and cat and butterflies even lion too...

Some people get rid of their worries when they play with their pets.

5. Toys:

Are you a toy lover? Then start buy some toys that make feel loved and ease of mind when you hug them. Even sometimes hug makes you feel hush of your mind.

6. Subscribe:

People of today's world not having much time to read many books as in that of your student life. If you have the time to read more that is a wonderful thing for get rid of your agonies and pressure.

And the best and easy thing you can do is subscribe our site and get more and more thoughts that relieve you from worries and make a better person than you realized.

Every day, you can read least a passage of every week posts rather than finding the best book and read 4-5 pages overwhelmed by stress yourself.

5 minutes that you spent every day in my website make you to the way of success.

7. Break:

When you need to have a continuous work, and you are stressed to finish your works with in a short span of time take a ten minutes to relax yourself and your mind. Don't push yourself and manage your time in having food or in your self time. Which in turn , help you get rid of work stress.

8. Eating:

When you are abnormal , you will end up adding cheating days in your food calendar. Try to make your stress foods healthy too. Instead, having a cup coffee rather on headache days have some aroma blended green tea or tea of half cup.

You can take chewing gums on your tensed times with a bite of chocolate you love infinitely.

You can eat a piece of your mind lasting food a little or a piece or a whole fruit that you are addicted too...

Having a juice to refresh your mind.

You can add up some motivational podcast to your ears when you are working...

9. Family time:

Play with your children. The time you spent with them make both have a noteworthy diaries in your life.

Out of all your devices and work on do not disturb mode.

In our traditions people were at night spending their of dining at the Courtyard by enjoying the beautiful scenario at night.

That was relaxing time to make stress out.

Like wise, you can spend time with the people in your family and talk something,anything and everything to have better days.

10. Excercise:

Doing a daily workout make you healthy and happy without stress and Worries..

Make yourself engaged with fitness for your satisfied life.

11. Gamechanger:

Learn your favorite games knock and corner play and enjoy doing things.

Even playing in rainy days with the fragrance you thought to have it for healing your mind make you feel exciting and knock out stress in your life.

A warm blanket or an outfit with a hot drink in a cold weather with slow music may make you felt better and change your mood...

Hope,better days will come soon without depression, worries and stress free...

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