10 complete modes of income that is vital to prior learn in advance to star like a billionaire...

Most of the billionaire we observe mostly on media and who the one is a public figure throughout the world is fond of startup their major earnings via profitable and stock sources of income.

Are you aware of the major three sources of income and seven course of income you came across in your everyday life which lead you to be a successful billionaire?

Yeah, you are all well known about these courses. But, Not everyone realizes why well-neigh billionaires choose those two as their stream of income.

Here are the reasons and about all those streams...

The more you learn.... The more you earn-Warren E buffet.

Three major cadet of income as follows like active income, passive income, portfolio income.

Active income are the one;where you gain for offering anyone your services, which are like paid jobs.

Passive income are acquired from your valuable sources like land, asset, money, rentals. It doesn't need much of your time and effort. But furnish you for long time.

Portfolio income are the massive profit line of income if it is well executed like products,goods and stock markets.

These above can still be enlarged for your clearance as seven courses of income.


Most of the people going with the flow to earn money and lead an unsatisfied life. They have all the sources of knowledge. But there is something make them stick with the job that is over fired their energy and skills with their enormous time. And didn't get much enough paid.

This type of income,which comes from a routine job for utilizing us hopefully much is the one described as earned income.


Consider a good or asset or a thing that you own which you vendor sell for more than the penny you buy. And there goes a profitable income.


Without much effort to works for someone we get the income through lending our money for interest to banks. For the asset like gold, land and buildings for some long amount of time you lend it for mass amount of money. But, for this type of income we are in need for an asset that values little higher one.

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Stock markets are the major source of batch of billionaires including Jeff Bezos. Great knowledge is needed ;regards the stock you buy and the future profit knowledge to invest in share before you own a stock of a company to earn a part of the profit along with your income. And that income is termed as DIVIDEND INCOME.


These are the income that consequences for lending your asset or building for rent. This will not give you up more like a billionaire. But you surely need an asset to rent; which is dream for people depend on earned income.


The profit you gain when the principal amount of your asset is increased like stock in a company, real estate land, buildings or any asset you own.


A part of the income is given to someone who owns the asset. More over like a book you write or an app you designed for or a blog you contribute you have an amount of income known as royalty income.

Though,like Jeff Bezos(CEO Of Amazon) Even they have royalty income, they prefer to go with Dividend and profit income on their foremost place.

And the gentle folks surely go with Dividend, rental or with interest income.

The only cause of this is fear to face the economical stress.

“Will” decide everything isn't it?

But our knowledge towards the things we insist is much important with curiosity and the principal we need right?

How about your decision to change the lifestyle of yours?comment below.



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