15 things that needed for save your time in a marvelous ways.

Are you looking for time management techniques and skills?Then I have found the solutions that is so inspiring you to engage the time in the best way to succeed in your goal and dreams.

Here is a perfect article pack to show you how to Over elaborate your time with some useful success tricks and tips.

So, as per my guess you are constantly running towards goal without planning how to managing the time you have with what you have to done in that short span of time.

Yep, some people with cheetah speed thought we have 24 hours a day. But a simple thing you have to understand from your life itself.if you are a student it is easily relatable.

You thought to finish your chapters within 1 hour/1chapter. But you will get tired and finished the one hour before you complete half of the chapter.

I know, because I am also the one from you in my very past childhood.

Even every work you do everyday tools more than the time you think. Relatively 97% of the people failed to manage the time, which is the major of source for success with peacefulmind.

Remind something as I said in my earlier trivia time won't elapse for anyone.even you are a top billionaire or whoever on this planet.

You have to rise your mind to manage with the time you have to broadcast your life to the way of success.

For that my very first opinion is to down below.

1. Do prioritize work first:

First you have to develop the maturity or simply need the common sense to decide which is more important and useful one to your progress in the way of success.

Segregate the works as dos and don'ts in a list. And you have to do the things on the does by prioritize more than in the don'ts.

This make your time goes in a useful way. This will majorly help for slow learners and slow workers to finish the important one in the time it has to finished.

Like, the student used to study the important questions at first score easily the first 70% percentage of Marks. And then the remaining can easily complete with the relaxed mind.

So, be cool and decide whether you need the easy way to toggle the 70% percent and the remaining.or else choose to go without managing your time and struggle to score even 35%.

Choice is yours. I think you will he chose the smartest one.

2.schedule your tasks:

This is the most relevant tips in managing your time in a worthy way. First you have schedule each and every task you have to do. And split them in the most important and least important one. And you have manage the time you have to finish each task in the best way you can.if you are not concern with this; you will end up spoil your available time with stress and not focus on task by worrying about finishing and not fully finished all your half works.

3.complete the mattering modules:

Let think along with me. Tommorow is your boarding exams or your project submission date.you scheduled an hour for each of the chapter or synopsis you have to do. If you are reading all the chapters continuously you can't finish your tasks 60% too. In the sense you have to handle this situation in this way like to manage your time. First you have to go for the syllabus provided to you and the most important things among those. Even previous year question paper analyzing will help you most to trick out the blueprint for the exams. And for the project you need to complete your content first. Then only you need to prepare for questionnaire.

Don't jump in the sea of your tasks until you split your tasks in the most important and least important one.

This will make you finish your 100% of important work with in the time limit. So, you will no more felt issues to manage the time for your work.

4. Organize everything:

The things around you and your things related to your work will lead you to save the time for searching and the time to organize everything again and again.

Easily findable things and organized home or work place and much more save your time beneficially.

5. Mind refreshment:

After every work for an extended time you need to get relax least for 5-10 minutes. This will help you get rid of early tiredness from a continuous work.chilling with a coffee or with the song made you feel relaxed or with the books or quotes which make you feel more relaxed.

Or simply you can try the below videos which lead you to calm and refresh your mind by simply close your eyes and follow the instructions mentioned in the YouTube video.

How to calm and relax your mind within 5minutes.let's try this Japanese method.

6. Accomplish task fully:

Never leave a work incomplete and move to next work. Because it took some more time to finish that if you left once incomplete. Because after you left the task incomplete it ruins your mind with laziness and hindering your mind like it took much time to finish. That will make your task to put in stock more than the time it looks to complete.

I have a habit of not let the work unfinished. Till that I can't go for some other works like having my food or going to sleep and to put myself unless finish it.

Because if you left it for some other time you will end pushing yourself in the time that is allocated for some other things which let you to make the other things worsen in concentrating. Take your personal time to complete the incomplete one. Then you can finish others thinks freely and get sometime for your personal and other entertaining or mind relaxing things.

7. Switch time for phones and network socialize:

I too once have habit of checking my social networks and mobiles and emails again and again in a while.when I learn to manage my time for things that grown me up I decide to calculate the time I'm spent in social networks and other telecommute ate my major time to progress successfully.

Which in cascade changes my mind to set some time for all these things which make more time for other works.you can't believe it.

But I got nearly 2-3 hours which will worth of get rid of unworthy series, watching TV, movies and blabbering some unuseful things on my social things.

It keeps me going on the path of success till now.

Everybody now-a-days started blogging and even youtubeing but people who tend to manage their personal professional time only gets the peak of success in what they do in an inspiring way.

8. Be an enthuse person:

Some people I come across always reminded me why they are here.simply the presence of enthuse in them make them always feel positive and creating the best in them.

It is not that easy as saying without getting tired at all the time. But there are a lot of ideas to get an enthuse soul.

Love what you are doing in your life,is the first thing that make me one of the enthusiastic girl among others.

I learned to get rid tiredness in between my household works and task for blogging through writing.

You can change it as per your work like listening to music, reading books, learn musical instruments, doing crafts from waste things etc ., which make you fulfilled and enthuse at all the time.

Click this link and see the girl doing face exercises which may help you in relaxing

9. Avoid multitasking:

Most of us not a multi task er as like the virus on the movie “nanban”. I don't have the ability to do more tasks at a time. And it will ruin my time Without my knowledge.

Jumping from one task to another take much time than I thought finish two tasks separately. And even I can't finish it correctly with the best I can give.

So, do one task at a time with the best you can.

If I take notes for my blog that time I won't listen up to anything else even my lunch is my habit.I lost almost in everything because I don't know how to express it in front of others by speak out. But I know my strength of the words to express in writing which leads me as a successful blogger today.

Know your strength and grow along with one task at a time. Decide what you have and where you are meant to be.

10. Use every nanosecond:

Usually I have a habit of reading books or go through something useful regarding my progress rather than simply sitting and waiting for someone at the interview panel or for an appointment for someone.

Yeah, it is really happens in my life. And I learned this from my experience.I am in need to wait for my interviewer at the panel. And I started to read my books on SQL in that time. After, I entered the panel for second level that interviewer asked me to give 2 minutes for his work to be completed. That way, he tested my time management. At that time I wanted to do something like read my books. But, I neglect to do because of my overthinking. And I lost that interview on “Hewlett Packard by lost to prove myself and my dedication towards time.

From this one you can easily understand that the 2 minutes will never be that easy to gain again in your lifetime. Though I felt bad for what I lost. But never give up to start again. For all of you,this is the point where you have to realize the importance of each second and its management means in your successful entrepreneur life.

11.self time:

You need allot some time to care yourself even in the morning or in the nights.waking up and simply going to work making you to feel worse and boredom. Think to make a change to mold your life and for your better selves.

Do exercise, yoga, concern in what you have in your day today life makes you feel better. And make you more focused in your goal.

I felt meditation is the perfect way to grow your mind to follow your steps. And I too experienced the vision that happened for me now.

And,here is an another awesome website for mediators.

Click this link to engage yourself with your “tiny Buddha”

12. Never show mercy on works:

This is the lifetime precious lesson I learned. No one is gonna giving appreciation for the works you are going to do for others welfare. Though the time changes I changed my self without showing mercy on pitiful people, who won't make you the same when you are in trouble. Do the things for others in your spare time if they are also willing to do the same for you when you are in a trouble or in a messy time.

13.Don't pretend to be Mr.perfect:

Most of us can never be perfect in what we are doing even billionaires apps.so, only they chose to update their brands and works too.we are not the rule changers.Don't waste much time in one task to make it perfect.leave with the best you can give at a time.

14. Use your personal note apps!

This is one of the app I found on play store of google which will help you out to find your addiction to phone father than success.

Click this link and see how much you are addicted to your mobile

And another app which will help you out to manage your time for everything easily.

Use the ways like mobile apps for time managing tables or sticky notes diaries and so on to make your time more available.

15. Be lazy:

As, billagates chose the lazy one for his work.I also suggest you to be lazy at sometimes to find out the tricks to do any job in the easiest way.

Because this is what make you more time for other works.organize thing is also a lazy people work which give them more time than they think.

And,hope you all know how to manage your time with all the tricks and tips I said above.

Thanks for hearing me.


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