15 best thoughts to find that you are a positive or a negative minded one...

Are you a person of positive personality or a negative one? Looking for articles that helps you hunt your negativity. Then here is the best one for you to know about you in a way of a veteran physiologist.

People do exist all around the world with positivity and negativity. How to find the difference between the two? Could ever felt down about yourself for one day and felt high another day? Always recall the below lines every morning.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.- “Mother Teresa”.


“Stay like a blessing feel like a godsend every day”-suganya_kk

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Are you a person with capability of make you and your surroundings to smile, feel the peace, happiness, comfort and mutual progress for a relieved successful life. Then you are a wonderful person with the greatest positive attitude around you. Definitely, you will reach beyond the sky.

Here, I found some other things that may impress and construct your desire to know the interesting facts about the positive attitude and negative attitude people.

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1. Optimist:

Do you know? This type of people always see the positive side in everything. Even they lost anything their dictionary doesn't have the not on the Nelly to worry. They're always looking forward as they can get the better one than that. This makes them peaceful and grateful for what they have in their life.

If you always think about your agonies, difficulties, sufferings, worries and what you don't want to happen then you will get only the unpleasant results you don't want to see.

Positive people always think what they want to see, what they want to happen and get the pleasant results.

On the other hand, the people of negative mind never feel the mindfulness for what they have... They always look in the negative side of everything.

For example, There is a couple one is optimist and another is pessimist. The both thought would vary for the same situation.

Present year they met up with a crash and escape with small injuries.one felt

It is been a great another year for me because I just gifted with life again to enjoy and express. And, I'm thankful for them.

Another one felt like, it's been a terrible year for me. And nothing works well with my life. I lost my vehicle in this year...why these things are happened to me?

Here, we see two types of personality, one spread happiness and thankful attitude is a positive one.

“Positive people always see the good and strengthened pages of life”

And, on the other hand we have a negative person who doesn't grateful for what they left with. Now the differences.

2. Steadfast:

Positive people always found passionate about their works. They do their work with dedication and steady. The give their best without twist someone's arm for their benefits.

But, negative people always looking around for someone for their inability and well-being.

3. Mutual producer:

Negative people always care about their own and put their hard work and effort for their successful life and benefits only. They won't make help others if they don't get any Sake.

But, positive people are so lean forward to help others to grow with their progress too. They always felt like, they had another opportunity to learn something. They prepare themselves to grow with others without negotiation and selfishness or greedy things.

4. Origin of positivity:

Positive minded people are the one having the capability to turned out any environment in to a positive aroma filled one. They are the architect of positive vibes. And they plant the positivity everywhere they are in and earn much more positivity, joy along with happiness and live presentable with loads of positive remedy to turn people in to a Positive mindset.

Negative minded people always worry about something, and they never let others to grow, made them dull with their habitat, sufferings and agony mindset.

5. Appreciation:

Cherish others talent doesn't get paid for them. But people with positive mindset never fail to appreciate the work and growth of others. They always find themselves more happy for others growth.

But, negative people always frustrated and depressing themselves by judging their ability from others recognition.

If your manager or boss or team leader or someone leads you or even your co-traveller doesn't appreciate for what you do ;doesn't mean that didn't do the best of you. And asking you to do better than what you did doesn't mean that you are not a talented one.

That simply mean you did the best in the first case. And, you can do the best ever in second place.

In the above case, the positive minded go for no expectation with appreciation and compliment. Positive people give values and morals to other people's work. And, that is the spirit you can find with a positive minded boss or lead.

And, negative people only depressed for small things by wrong judgmental.

6. Fitness:

Most of the self-care problem happens from the source of obese. If you can't handle your weight you are dealing with some other mental health illnesses.

Because, if you observed fleshy people they have trouble in pressure, breath problems and even they can't do their own work.

As I said in my earlier articles for a successful life you need to make some time for your self-care like yoga and exercise. If you are a fit enough person you are more energetic, less depressed, less frustrated, good brain working and less pressure for even big things.

What you eat made you. so you have to be more concern about your foods and good sleep which will surely increase positivity in your life.

7. Responsible:

A positive leader always took responsibilities for everything they came across. They never point someone else for their mistake. But, they appreciate others for their good and authorized themselves for others faults.

They never look for others to complete their own work. They have the capability to get work from others without stress and push others towards some targets.

8. State of the art:

These positive people are the ones who always looking forward creative offerings. They look for the possibilities and opportunities that make them unique in what they are doing.

The have enormous ability to create something uncommon and having exposure to handle and solve sophisticated things. They always find new ways to trick any situation to a favorable one.

Only the negative people always sit with the same and looking for something growth to happen.

9.critics and Feedback acceptance:

People with positivity never fear to face criticism and Feedback for their works. They learn more and more from the criticism and feedback offered free everywhere. Happily accept that things so easily and handle them in a healthy way to improve themselves.

10.learn from failures:

Positive people never to hesitate to learn from their failures. They accept their failures as that in the way they accept their successes. That is the reason why successful people are always a positive minded one. They learn most success secrets from their failures. They won't give up on failures.They find new way to develop them as a most successful positive being only because they tried after a thousand and thousands of failures.

11. Love all:

Ask the following questions to you.you can find that you are a positive person or a negative one.

Don't you hate anyone around you?

Don't you angry for others mistakes?

Then, you are really a positive version human being.yeah, those people only know to love all. They won't hurt their own by getting anger for others mistakes. They were so logistics, and they can influence people and emotions.They know where to hold someone and where to let go...

12. Risking for success:

This type positive minded people are similar to me. They always ready to risk their time and effort by taking challenges in their life. Those people have success manias and having hunger to win in a no hurting formula.

13.comfort creator:

Positive people always make the surrounding people to feel comfort. They put effort for anyone around them to feel comfortable to be with them. They are the caring people;who stays with people and help them without expectations in hard time.

14. Highly practical:

They always evaluate things in the practical way. They always adapt themselves for changes. Even they can influence anyone they don't use someone weaknesses for their benefits.

15. Attitude:

The attitude to scanning at listing as which should be taken in is the most important character that iconic them as a positive resource. They won’t took unnecessary things to their head. So, They always having the ability to distinguish the need and uninvited one for the brain, heart and mind.

How much did you score out of 15.? Comment below...

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Hope, you are all like this article. And this may help someone to change themselves from a pessimist to an optimist.


With lots of positivity Suganya_KK

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