What are the things you need to do before you die?13 most inspiring thoughts were here...

And the first thing is,

1. Road trip:

Think along with me. You have a bike and the wind is breeze your soul with its cold weather before it rains.usually the hot summer car ride with friends and family is usual. But in a rainy day you can go some miles in the cold mood of the nature. And that is really fabulous and memorable after you dead also.

2.know yourself:

It's not always necessary to prove you to anyone. But it is essential to know your potential before you die. Before we inhale our last breath we should do something good that make people to remember even after we are not in this world. It's worth living when people remember us after our death.

3.learn something new:

Learn something new is always makes you happy and confident one. The one you didn't know will make you feel low. But le

5.stop eating an unhealthy food:

Even you know some food items were unhealthy you are not ready to stop eating those unhealthy meals.your mind should listen to you.so you better train your mind to concern about your eating habits.

6. Adventures:

Run and risk your self to thrilled by some adventures. Go for a parachute jump. Go the forest trekking and build a tree house and live with in that for some days.

7. Enjoy all season of weather:

You may love your weather only. But happiness is enjoying the best season of various country weather with your loved ones.

8.watchout your favorite:

Maybe you are not fond of trending series or trending g books or movies. But it is so wonderful to watch them along with the people you love the most. And don't miss watching the memorable movies or series once again in your lifetime.


Many of have a fear to sail across the sea. But that is so amazing one to engage yourself with the beauty of nature.

10. Do charity:

It's not meant that you have to spent your whole money for suffering people.its just food for one when they were hungry. And hair for cancer patients. All about spreading love


11. Eat your favorites:

Even spent your whole if you are aware that you are only left with your soul by sometime. Eat your favorites.Don't wait.just do it before you gone.

12. Earn people's trust:

It is not so easy like jump down from the plane.very rare to acquire someone's trust and heart. Getting worse comments were so easy but built up benevolence is so tuf for anyone. Try to save people to your life through trust.

13. Be happy:

Don't hurt anyone.it will never pay you.you will always get revert of what you did.

“Do good Be good”-Suganya_kk

Much more things are there to do before you fall in the ground. But you should rise with identity before that.

Hope you all like this simple short article.share with your loved ones.

Thanks for the lovely time...!



Comment below what are things you gonna to do?

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