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People all around everywhere searching for happiness and end up with dissatisfaction all over their life. People are so much affected day by day without concern their happiness rather blaming one another.

According to a poll created by me on my LinkedIn profile.67% of the people suggest love and care is the measure of their happiness. Being happy is about getting love and care...being loved and cared for who you are and how yoru spread happiness everywhere.


The term mindset is referred here for one's own self to not pretend to be happy. That is it meant to be really and truly happy with one's own self.

Some saint minded people can tell that are happy with their own self. But, what is the real secret inside is, they are happy because of the people around them and everything around them make their soul peace because of their happy thinking and that in cascade make their mind to relax in a perfect way by free up their mind from dissatisfaction and terrible thinking.

Everyone always thought like, except themselves each everyone is blessed with lot and a lot of happiness. And they never ever go through drastic storm in their life. This is what sucks our energy from being a successful and happiest person. Because all we know is simply wasting time by thinking waste, unuseful and a harmful thinking that make us lost in concentrating to work on what we have and stopped us from being grateful for what we blessed with.

I can surely tell you everyone each everyone around you, even who hold your hands in your blue skies even going through the hardest and toughest time of their life. What matters is only they really learned how to overcome such things and move on.

Sitting in the same place where your depression pulls you won’t dig you from frustration.you have to dig your own self by your own practice which will lead you to most peaceful the happiest place you will ever seen before in your life.

“Simply your thoughts made you worth or a living dead”-suganya_kk

And are you ready to hit yourself to the goal post of happiness?then here is the most mind-blowing ways to make you happier life.

1. Be Thankful:

Always wake up with a thought that you are the special one in the entire world. And you are blessed with the gifts from god/something you believe around you. Thank everyone who make you in the place today. Because they are one sculptor who made you with more positive and the most progressed you. They made you to know what you want to be in your life. They only made you which some people dreamt of and what they can't get.

2. Feel Blessed:

Some people don't have what you have.you have felt very blessed for that. Even orphans doesn't have anyone to scold with care. If you scold them with some real care they will be happy. Because they know the pain of being lonely. You are blessed with a healthy life which is a struggle for some people and also with that they lead a successful life with positivity and happiness. Feel that you are really a blessing.

3. Has Faith:

Most of the people including me in my starting point struggled a lot to overcome my fear to challenge my opportunities;which in turn ruined my happiness to always worry about end results. And from every attempt makes me to fail. But, the only thing I learned and do is ;i always getup and chase my every door of opportunities evens after hundreds and hundreds of failures. And one day, I really felt happy for the success after infinite failures. And, then I never made myself sorrow for my failures.

Even my failures in everything I started give me a sense to getup and bring happiness in my up and downs. Self growth is only matters. Not rewards is the best lesson I learned from my failures.when you attempt and reach your self growth definitely one day you will get a mass success with poles of happiness and rewards that you never dreamt of.

4. Spread Love:

What you give comes to you in return.sometimes it may look weird and you may think it won’t work out. But, the real happiness is about giving your love and care for the persons around you even you are not get it back in any way. If you care someone more than you ;you literally love to be in their ups and downs.which made you the happiest one in the world.

5.surround yourself with positive one:

Are you a person of having negative people around you all the time? Then simply leave them without worrying about them. Because you may not sure about the hurdles and agonies you are going through, and they are gonna ruining your happiness by spitting out their hard words and negative energy by their comparisons and pull you down by blaming you and your ability. The right choice is to give up on negative minded people even you care you have to realize the fact that they can only change by your negotiations in thoughts and make yourself surround by the people motivate you in your hard times.

6. Mindfulness:

Always remind yourself that you are the happiest person in the entire world. No one in this world with free mind even today kids have to go through a telephone directory like books every day. Time changes. And how about the one reading this? Including myself everyone is struggling for something.

When you felt as the most depressed in any situation just follow the below 5 steps to become out of your struggles.

Selective mute:

When people intent you with negativity drain the things from noisy feedback which makes you grow and let the ears mute for which make you fall in sorrows.

Ease Breath:

When you are struggling with controlling temper and losing your side of explaining. Just close your eyes and take a long breath from your heart.


Concentrate on your inhale and exhale on least 5 to 10 seconds.

Happy making:

Along with that search your mind and visualize something that makes you happy even at your bad moods.

Act like responding:

Act like that you are listening carefully to their words and you are accepting them with a smiling face is must one to make them leave about the topic that ruin your happy mood .

7. Self Satisfaction:

Most of the failed because of their commitments at early stage which makes them move away from their hard times. Everyone has some commitments. But really it needs a mature person for being a badass to make a decision for their own selfsatissfaction without hurting others Most people will lost here. Not everyone is being made lucky as me. Yeah, I self-satisfaction is more important in your entire life. Because you may get another job. But, not another life for your dreams.people who lost their dreams in the name of satisfaction and commitments only know the pain of dissatisfaction and unhappiness in what they are doing.

Getting 1st grade is not enough for the one who get that. They always disappointed with not getting any rank. A project manager is not get satisfied with his work because he wants to be a game developer or cricketer or something else.

Even in my story people always praises for my poetics. Bit, not even a single day I am happy for that. And blogging related to motivation and inspiration make me feel above the sky of happiness. And I have the one for my life as standing by my side to do whatever makes me happy.

You have to explain yourself and believe in you for the people who do't ready to go for your opinion.

Try to collect people who trust you in your zero. They only deserve to be happy with you in your infinite. And, today you made me here. Thanks kk for leave me to do things that make me happy rather changing my mind to chase for rewards.

8. Be a happy learner:

When someone gives you feedbacks, never neglect. They are the right things to make you grow well.you have to develop your acceptance even for a negative feedback. Be the happiest learner for both positive and negative feedbacks. If feedbacks doesn't exist you will end up with failures, negotiation and worries.

9.know your plans and boundaries:

Socializing with a happy mind needs an extra care. Because it simply depends on how you communicate with the surrounding people. Always be presentable and think twice and fast before you speak out.know where you have to speak and where you have to lost or give up your dialogues and convos. Start to improvise yourself in terms of maturity in public place.

10.carryout things:

Never worry about the end results.splitting up your tasks makes you grow faster than you think.organizing the task and workout your strategies with perfect knowledge over the era with right plan make you less pressure and execute things easily.which let you happy for the simplest execution of task as you thought.

11. Love yourself:

Don't feel guilty of how you look.you always believe you are gorgeous and never allow anyone to disrespect your looks and make fun of your outlooks. Never judge a book by its cover. And intern never allow someone to judge you. Make others to feel like you are peculiar and very rare one to get around the world by your good warning attitude which will increase your positivity and happiness.

Hope you all enjoy this article, share with someone you love and care.spread love and happiness everywhere around the world.

Thanks for the valuable time...

Wishing you all with enormous happy and enjoyable life experience.


Loads of smile...


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